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From: Joe Sommer <anvilus9-at-adelphia.net>
Subject: Re: Plastic tracks
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 13:22:59 -0400
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com


At 10:58 PM 7/7/2004 -0700, "KURT GUTBRODT" <showa1-at-msn.com> wrote:
>I am wondering if Interlox tracks were the only mfg. looked at or were 
>they the closest to what you guys believed fits your needs.....?????

I have tested conveyor chain from

Intralox <www.intralox.com>
3.25 and 4.5 inch mold to width flush grid Series 900 with tracking tabs

and Dyna-Veyor <www.dyna-veyor.com>.

The Dyna-Veyor chain was too heavy.  It was plastic but very
similar to Boris' photo at
I sold it to Bill Johns to make a WW 1 Mk 5.

The following manufacturers also make conveyor chain that is
very similar to Intralox, but I have not tested their products.
KVP Falcon <www.kvpfalcon.com>
Uni-Chain <www.unichains.com>
Habasit <www.habasit.com>

The key is to get conveyor chain with tracking tabs for
the tank's road wheels to prevent throwing track during
skid turns.

>Do you think the rubber treaded tracks would work better???

This is the Holy Grail.  No one has yet found cost-effective
rubber tracks to fit our tanks.

Snow blower tracks are too short.
(You should be able to find hundreds of used
snow blower tracks in Vegas.)

Tracks for Honda power carriers and Grillo dumpers are too long and
too expensive ($300 per track).



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