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From: "Nick Hoke" <nhoke-at-nksd.wednet.edu>
Subject: wet motors
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 08:39:13 -0700
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If you soak the motors in WD-40 first will they still rust if exposed to

There are a lot of warship modeling clubs around where the players/hobbyists
shoot at each others' warships (several feet long scale models) with bb guns
in the ship's turrets. They make their hulls intentionally thin so enough
in the right places will sink a ship, I guess the game is no fun if there's
boats sinking. I've looked at the websites and it seems that water damage
to the electronics inside is no big deal, they just patch the hulls, get out
a hair dryer to dry the inside, and send them back out into battle.


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Subject: Re: fording depth

As long as it's fresh water  it will cause no problems . It will just
slow down the motors down a little bit. Run a motor under is a good my
to clean out the carbon from the brushes.


paul.2.needham-at-btconnect.com wrote:

> Hi all
> Am I right in thinking the motors in my KCM,s [ or any electric motor
> ] will work ok briefly underwater ie fording a puddle as long as I
> keep the rest of the electrics excluding the drive battery above the
> water line ?
> So say battery + motors below mudguards , rest of electrics above mud
> guards , means fording depth is up to mud guards ?
> regards Paul , not wanting to have to rescue a heavy and wet tank form
> a small lake Needham