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From: "Steve Tyng" <stevet-at-stcharlesmd.com>
Subject: RE: Hull construction materials
Date: 2 Jun 2004 11:33:00 +0800
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

> Wow, you mean the paintballs didn't break on long-range shots?

Don't get me wrong.  99.9 percent of the shots, long or short range, would break on 
impact.  On a couple of occasions - when the ball was slowed down just enough, and 
the impact angle was just right, a ball would bounce off of the tank.

Of course this would never happen with Will Montgomery's fire.  Even from the next 
county his shots would always find their mark.  They'd angle in from god knows where 
to hit the smallest of exposed area!

Steve "Dodge Ball" Tyng