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From: adt22-at-drexel.edu
Subject: Re: Future tankers from New Joizy #1
Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 15:08:29 -0400
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com


> With that over, I'd appreciate some info about mechanical sources.
> EV Warriors - Is robotcombat.com the only place to get EV Warriors? I
> haven't seen much elsewhere or on Ebay. Are they being discontinued?

They were discontinued which is why everyone had them on the cheap.
I just bought some more EV warriors on ebay $20 ea.  They were being sold as bicycle 
motors on ebay.  The site is: 
They also sold me two extra connectors for $5 each - robotcombat is out of these as 
They sell CW and robotcombat sells CCW so it might be a good idea to pair them up.

> Gears, sprockets, mechanical - Any other sources than robotcombat.com
> also? I'm looking to generally replicate the transmissions of T002 or
> T005. Haven't been able to find 10 or 30 tooth spockets to fit the 8mm
> shaft of the EV Warrior. Your comments are appreciated.

I've been looking for a solution for this as well.  Steve sent a link for a company 
in England a while ago that had metric bored sprockets.  I didn't buy it because I 
didnt know what chain to use with it. 
Right now I'm thinking of getting nylon sprockets from McMaster and drilling with an 
8mm bit.

> Roller Chain - Will, do I understand that you have 2060 chain for 
> sale?I will probably need 20 or so feet of it.
> Batteries - Gel Cells? What is battle life expectancy for these, an
> entire day? If vehicle chassis height permits, would a garden tractor
> battery be an alternative or is this too heavy?
> Radio control - Are any quick start guides for this
> available/recommended? This is new for me.
> Anvilus motor controller - Would it make sense to use a second
> controller of this type for gun traverse on a SPG like an Elefant,
> adapting it 2 motors in an articulated mount?
> Thanks in advance from FTFNJ,
> Paul ('have a nice day, PUFF daddy') Werner