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From: "Marc en Wendy" <marcmethorst-at-zonnet.nl>
Subject: Re: Re: Where are the tankers?! Europeans unite!!!
Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 21:52:35 +0200
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On the contrary! I spent a lot of hours on the TTS, but as you will probably
agree with me it is a lot of work! One track is nearly finished now, I will
add a few photos to my site shortly.
This weekend I will modify the 'power pack', that is the frame that carries
the wheelchair motors.
I thought it would be a good idea to crate some sort of skid on which all
the drive components are mounted, like in a 1:1 scale tank one would be able
to lift out the engine skid by just releasing a few bolts en wires.
Thanks for the translation!


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Subject: RE: Re: Where are the tankers?! Europeans unite!!!

> Marc,
> I just looked at your site.  I see you've been busy.  Are you tired of TTS
building yet?  The best word for that pivoting arm would be "bogie".
> Great work so far.
> Steve "Infamous" Tyng
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> > I saw a stomp rocket for sale lately with foam rockets, a bit
> > shorter then I am installing in my tank. Video footage of my
> > rocket system can be seen at www.commandojurre.tk (Click the
> > tank and hit the cowboy on the site, you will find the link
> > to the mpeg.) However, I am not sure this is completely
> > legal. I think laws are all about "shooting projectiles of
> > this-and-that-weight  with so-and-so-speed, pressure
> > bla-di-bla", but at least there is a foam tipped rocket that
> > absolutely won't harm anything or anyone.
> >
> > Marc
> >