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From: "Steve Gusikoski" <sgusikoski-at-global-link.com>
Subject: RE: Design question?
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 11:36:02 -0600
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I have experienced first hand the freezing ability of a Tiger suspension and road 
wheel system.
Driving through wet snow and then parking the tank in the box of my truck overnight 
resulted in my tank wheels being frozen stiff and the track actually freezing to the 
box of the truck. Blew both fuses when I went to back it out. Required a day in the 
warm shop to let all the water drip out of it.

I can't imagine trying to unthaw a real tank wheel. Bring out the Tiger torch I 
guess. Hence the origin of the "Tiger torch" cough, cough, B.S. I don't know.

Steve, wish I was done my garage reno's so I could get back to building, Gusikoski.

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Subject: RE: Design question?


You got it right.  The Germans loved their heavy tanks and had to spread the tonnage 
around.  They did it for more even ground pressure.  Of course there was a downside. 
 The complicated suspension played havoc with the German armor during the Russian 
winters.  All the mud in the road wheels would freeze solid overnight immobilizing 
the tanks in the morning.  The wiley Russians knew this and would attack in the 
mornings with their superb and fully mobile T34's!

Steve 'Can't Wait for Winter' Tyng

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Subject: Design question?

I had never been able to figure out why the Germans used interleavened road wheels 
on their half tracks, Tigers and Panthers. What sort of an advantage does it give? 
All I can think of is less strees on the suspension or more even ground preasure... 
Does anyone have any ideas?