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From: "John Guy" <john-at-tankcommand.org>
Subject: RE: Another rules question:
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 18:01:32 +0100
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Hiya Chaps,

Hope you guys don't mind a little input from a limey!!
In reference to Eriks rule query, (section III, item3) some where
between 40 and 60 rounds is about tops for an average MBT's ammo
Normally a dozen or so rounds would be carried in the "ready rounds"
area. With the rest of the loadout being tucked into any space the
designers could fit an ammo rack into.
This meant that periodically, the tank would need to find "dead ground"
in which to re-arrange its ammo stores, for the next bout!!
This is still true in Modern MBT's, with the only exception being the
Abrams (I THINK).
Main armament rounds are large, cumbersome things, and storing them ALL
in ready positions simply would not have been practical, and Abrams
doesn't carry a second, or "spare" loadout, as the reason for the
placing of its rounds is for improved crew survivability, so storing
more in the hull would cancel the turret blow out panels out!!
In light of this (I'm getting there, honest!!) being allowed to have a
40 round "ready round" magazine is definitely generous!!!
Hope this is of interest to someone!
John Guy

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Subject: Re: Another rules question:

And many pulled a trailer of items.
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Subject: Another rules question:

> Section III, item 3 defines the offensive rating (ie. maximum magazine
> for vehicles. But a lot of real tanks carry more ammo in a secondary
> compartment elsewhere in the tank. If a tank is rated for a 40 round
> magazine, could it be entitled to carry a second, separate load of 40
> elsewhere in the tank? I'm not looking to expand the magazine size,
but if
> real tankers can stop and pull the ammo from storage for a quick
> maybe we can too. What do you guys think?
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