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From: Jaysen Hayes <scalemaster-at-charter.net>
Subject: hope everyone
Date: Sat, 05 Jul 2003 16:23:11 -0500
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

Hello from Wisconsin

Hope everyone had a great 4th..good food good company and lots of air

on the building front;

started the Final Drive assemblies after shopping for the right bits. 
Have to admit the gf was right several times, even though she doesn't
know how the assembly goes together...wonder how she does that....why
did I draft it up...lmao

also...there is a whole new page of decals up...with new babes and new
insignias...and Im workin on more.

Keep in mind...that if you have German equipment..that we can translate
whatever name you pick..into german and arrange it on the decal any way
you want...


Well that about does it....except that I hope my Power Wheels motors
aren't just a waste of money...Trying to keep the gross weight down..and
have the most positive drive train that I can get....I did find a source
for replacement motors..keeping the gearbox like it is...so if worse
comes to worse..can just change out motors without altering the whole

Aslo, found a page for converting 3 chan AirTronics to 7 chan.  If
anyone is interested I will email the link.

I am going to get 2 = 3 chan sets...wire them together for individula
driver/gunner operation, using the plan on the link..and my own circuit
boards from my control line handle.

We also added one more member to our team.  Sgt. John Groat (Ret) of the
11th Armored Cav.  He really knows his tanks and is a big help.

Best to all you guys