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From: Frank Pittelli <frank-at-pittelli.com>
Subject: Re: Tyng Industries Announces Completion of Final T34 Subassembly
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 19:53:54 -0400
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

Steve Tyng wrote:
 > Tyng Industries plans to have the Tyng-T34 "Tiger Killer" in place
 > and ready to counter the expected southern push of the evil Tri-Pact
 > coalition. Though heavily outnumbered, the Tyng-T34 is expected to
 > give a good accounting of itself against the highly self-vaunted but
 > largely obsolescent Tri-Pact forces.

Very interesting .... Tyng Labs makes no mention what-so-ever of Anvilus 
Plastic Works as they proclaim their latest developments.  Was Vern 
Dernberger right?  Has Tyng oppressed Sommer to the point that he has 
completely forsaken the Tyng Regime?  Have the deep-seated economic 
conflicts-of-interest finally prevented Tyng Labs and Anvilus Plastic 
Works from finalizing their joint venture?  Clearly, the Tyng Regime is 
starting to falter, even before the battle begins.

Meanwhile, the latest status reports from the 4th Armored Tri-Pact 
Division show that the hobby's only super-power is gearing up for war.

Will Montgomery recently completed the installation of the gun system on 
his new Panther ... the last major task to be completed.  With an 
extremely robust track system, proven drive system, no-nonsense gun 
system and over 15 years of R/C combat experience, Will and his Panther 
will be the main workhorse for the 4th ATPD.

John Pittelli completed his Panzer IV a couple weeks ago and has been 
working hard on the proving grounds to ensure that all systems are 
functioning properly.  Although John is an R/C rookie, he is highly 
motivated to face the forces of the Tyng Regime, as can be read in his 
latest status report:

        Herr General: Yuor faithful oberst is reporting with
        the latest test results from S.P.G. The Mark IV is
        totally operational by remote control. No longer will
        we have to risk the lives of our men in combat. The
        new powerplant has boosted speed to an amazing XXXX feet
        in XXXX seconds over uneven terrain. She has no problem
        with land mines (dog doo) and tank traps (rocks, pine
        cones and XXXX inch logs). After fine tuning the drive
        system (ie. remembering to tighten all the bolts) she ran
        even better. All that on a battery with only XXXX%
        power. The Tyng Tricycle Regime will definitely fall.
        That's assuming they make it onto the field of battle.
                 Oberst Johann

The upgrade of the venerable Tiger-1 has also been completed recently, 
including a new drive system, faster rotate mechanism, tubular magazine 
and more accurate elevate mechanism.  Field trials of the Tiger-1 have 
demonstrated that it is well suited to take on anything that the Tyng 
Regime can muster.

All of the operational vehicles of the 4th ATPD are currently being 
painted in camo schemes suitable for their expected theatres of operation.

If the Tyng Regime forces show up for battle, the 4th ATPD will be 
prepared to end the battle quickly and decisively.

        Frank Pittelli
        Commander, 4th ATPD
        "The Peacekeepers"