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From: Vern Dernberger <vern.dernberger-at-tns.org>
Subject: Snow Tiger On The Prowl
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2003 18:28:26 -0400
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

Steve Tyng's T34 isn't the only tank that likes the snow.  Check out 
some newly de-classified winter-time shots of Steve Gusikoski's Tiger at:


Steve's Tiger will be one of the principle resources to be deployed when 
the German Alliance opens the long-awaited Northern Front to combat the 
operational forces of the Tyng Regime ... including Fred Simms' Suicide 
Quadricycle, which is considered by many experts to be the most advanced 
operational weapon in the Tyng/Sommer arsenal at this time, due to 
development problems with the T34 and the Hetzer. See


for more details about Fred Simms' Suicide Quadricycle.

The Tyng Ministry of Information announced that "Our brave soldiers, 
like Mr. Simms, will hurl themselves at the infidel Snow Tigers in order 
to stop their progress, thereby saving our armor for a counter-strike." 
  Upon hearing news of such a tactic, Steve Gusikoski stated that "The 
Tiger's suspension system has already been tested over bumps that are 
much higher than a prone Fred Simms (approx 2 inches), so we are 
confident that we will be able to overcome such a tactic without 
Coalition losses."

In a related story, the most technically advanced unit in the Coalition 
Forces, the 4th Armored Tri-Pact Division out of Annapolis, MD is 
scheduled to complete all systems development within a few weeks.  Key 
elements of the 4th ATPD have already achieved a "Battle Ready" status 
and are now focusing on field exercises to hone their skills before the 
much anticipated meeting with forces of the Tyng Regime, which may take 
place as early as May.  Frank Pittelli, the commander of the 4th ATPD 
had this to say about the upcoming conflict, "The timetable is 
progressing in a satifactory manner and we will continue to pursue the 
objectives of our plan at a place and time of our choosing.  If the 
forces of the Tyng Regime decide to fight, then the 4th ATPD will be 
fully capable of ending the battle in a swift and decisive manner".

        Vern Dernberger
        Tri-Pact News Service
        "We Make The News"