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From: Joe Sommer <anvilus9-at-adelphia.net>
Subject: Re: Test
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 21:12:18 -0500
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com


At 01:33 PM 2/17/2003 -0800, JOHN PITTELLI <jplily-at-yahoo.com> wrote:
>Actually it is test run by tne Anvilus Group. As you
>all know ,before a major engagement it is advisable to
>  disrupt the enemies ability to communicate. Having
>accomplished this feat makes the battle much easier to
>control. The Anvilus Group,being scared, are just
>trying to level the playing field.   John(it's always
>a conspiracy)Pittelli

This recent test proves that the Tyng/Anvilus consortium now has
complete C4 domination over Tri-Pact in preparation for future battles.

Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4)

Although it is too late for your brother, there is still a chance
for you.  Renounce the dark side of the Force.  Come Tiger/Panther
hunting with Steve and me.  We can promise a target-rich

Joe "Yoda" Sommer

P.S.  We eagerly anticipate field trial results from Lakeland, FL
(no snow) based on a recent joint venture with the Goodson
Goodweather Group.

Joe Sommer
2378 Nantucket Circle, State College, PA 16803
814.234.4773     anvilus9-at-adelphia.net