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From: Joe Sommer <anvilus9-at-adelphia.net>
Subject: tech exchange meeting 2/8 to compare track systems
Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2003 23:12:10 -0500
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

Anvilus Machine Works is pleased to announce that
technical reps from Tyng Labs and Anvilus survived their
intrepid foray into Tri-Pact HQ today 2/8.

The dread T-34 and stealth Hetzer demonstrated their
blazing speed over the snow covered Tri-Pact proving
grounds.  Only one Tri-Pact vehicle (a Russian-made
1/8 scale amphibious USMC LAV ???) ventured into
the frozen wasteland.

On a technical note, the Anvilus sprocket-drive plastic
conveyor track system and the Tyng friction-drive flexible
belt track system both performed well on asphalt and in
snow, and did not throw track.  All grass was covered by
snow in balmy MD.  Will Montgomery also spun the new
steel conveyor track on the test stand.  Frank and Steve
recorded photos, video and technical specifications.

Frank, thanks again for hosting.

Joe Sommer
2378 Nantucket Circle, State College, PA 16803
814.234.4773     anvilus9-at-adelphia.net