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From: Frank Pittelli <frank-at-pittelli.com>
Subject: Re: .40 Cal gun testing
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 09:47:19 -0500
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

Lief G Goodson wrote:
> I received my high volume poppet (MJV-2) valve in the mail today and hook
> it up to my .40 caliber test system.  The valve performed as hoped. 
> Using standard R/C warship combat CO2 components, this valve increased
> the effective range of the gun to 50-60 feet, with a maximum range of
> over 120 feet.  

Excellent news!!!  Will's preliminary tests using the standard blow-gun 
accessory that hooks directly to a CO2 bottle was very encouraging, but 
it's even better to hear that the 40cal guns work when pressure 
regulated and when using a valve that is easily servo actuated.

For those unfamiliar with R/C warship combat, the valve, tubing and 
regulator that Lief references are not only standard commercially 
available parts (available from Clippard Minimatic ... one of our future 
sponsors) but they are also relatively inexpensive.  They have been used 
in warship combat for over 10 years now and have proven to be very 
reliable, safe and easy-to-maintain.

Lief, please remember to take some pictures of the gun system itself 
before you install it in the tank, so that everyone can see the various 
parts and we can explain how they work together.

        Frank P.