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From: Frank Pittelli <frank-at-pittelli.com>
Subject: Re: Two New Vehicles
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 10:15:59 -0400
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

John Sullivan wrote:
> Hummm.... giving me some ideas!  I do have a 1/6th scale Jeep, guess I'll
> try to get that moving before I start on a tank!

I think that Lief and Will have done a good job so far showing that it 
is relatively easy, fast, and inexpensive to get going with a motorized 
wheeled vehicle, either an armored car or a support vehicle towing an 
artillery piece.  There are lots of used R/C trucks and parts sold at 
flea markets and yard sales, and a good collection of 1:6-ish vehicles 
at mass-market prices.  That makes it easy to get something rolling 
(literally).  And by using either the 40cal blow gun parts or the cheap 
68cal marker that Steve Tyng found, a wire-controlled artillery piece is 
about as easy as it gets.

Picture a half dozen jeeps and trucks hauling artillery pieces around 
the battlefield placing them in strategic places, supporting each other 
with cross-fire.  Could be tough on any enemy tank or armored car.

        Frank P.