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From: "Steve Tyng" <stevet-at-stcharlesmd.com>
Subject: RE: Canadians
Date: 7 Oct 2002 10:30:00 +0800
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

T5 will be ready.  Maryland will hold the line!

Steve T.

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Subject: Re: Canadians

Happy Dude wrote:
> I was just wondering how many Canadians do we have on this mailing
> list.  I being one of them, An accurate count would be interesting, if
> enough people can build tanks I could see a nice Canadian Alliance being
> made.

To All Members South Of The Canadian Border,

A wise old man once told me that:

 - when one Canadian talks about doing something, he's thinking out loud,

 - when two Canadians talk about something, it's just the beer talking,

 - but when three Canadians actually agree on something, it's time to pay
attention (and lock up your farm animals ;-)

Therefore, I hereby call on all red-blooded U.S. battlers to waste no
time in your efforts to construct armored vehicles.  War game
simulations conducted by the Tri-Pact Bureau of Advanced Planning
indicate that the Canadians will, in fact, gain a few victories early in
the war, but that they will eventually be overwhelmed by superior
technology being developed in our well-secured southern states.

Nonetheless, the simulations (which have a 47% margin of error) indicate
that the earlier we begin defending our northern frontiers, the less
damage will result in key states like Ohio and Maryland.  (Sure, we may
lose big chunks of Michigan and maybe even the entire state of New
Hampshire, but what the heck.)

Don't delay.  Gather the necessary approvals from your supreme leaders
(ie. your spouses), start stock-piling the necessary materials and, most
importantly, keep an eye out for Canadians who may already be living
near you ... they are all in constant contact with each other.

Skirmishes could begin as early as next spring ... be prepared.

        Frank Pittelli
        Dir. of Hometown Security
        Tri-Pact Defense Analysis Division