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From: "Mikehornsey-at-sympatico.ca" <mikehornsey-at-sympatico.ca>
Subject: Tin Can Tankers
Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2002 22:54:46 -0700
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

The M1A2 #T006 is coming along quite nicely. The turret now operates under
its own power.The turret weighs about 60lbs now and uses the motor and gear
box from a Ryobi cordless drill and the built in clutch mechanism is a real
plus! The tracks are powered by two wheelchair motors that cost about $125.a
pair. Gun elevation is also complete, using a Honda power window motor
attached to a bell crank.The head lights are made of solid blocks of
Alumilite machined to fit small Maglight lenses.There are also two cooling
fans for the heat sinks (speed controls) that I stole ,er liberated out of a
control panel from work.Once the tracks are built ,testing can begin on
battery life.Right now choosing the right batteries seems to be the biggest
challenge.As far as plans go,all I did was take the Dragon 1/35 kit and
scale it up with a digital mic(scale multiplying factor of 5.9).I will have
more photos in two weeks.The local army surplus store donated a pair of
camouflaged cover alls so we are trying to get sew on patches with the logos
of all the companies that helped us out.My eleven year old son Colin is
going to be my gunner so he gets the coveralls.Flag Raiders is a large paint
ball club here in town and are going to use #T006 in some ads next spring
and in return we get all of our consumables for free,not bad eh? Well it's
getting late so its time to shut her down.