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From: "Mikehornsey-at-sympatico.ca" <mikehornsey-at-sympatico.ca>
Subject: Re: Canadians
Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2002 22:22:18 -0700
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Since Our M1A2 does not fit into my Jeep Cherokee any more ,we have been
forced to purchase an F-150 "tank transporter" so reaching the southern U.S.
won,t be a problem.We Canadians are quite able to adapt to harsh conditions
so American beer is a non-issue.(also good for tank wash)
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From: "Frank Pittelli" <frank-at-pittelli.com>
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Sent: Friday, October 04, 2002 9:08 PM
Subject: Re: Canadians

> Zachary Ginter wrote:
>  >
> > I have been toying with the idea of
> > adapting a large scale 4x4 rc truck into a South African Eland 90
> > car. Simple shape to recreate and by going this route the suspension
> > already be built. It most likely would not have traverse at first but a
> > fixed turrent.  The Eland 90 was a license built copy of  the French
> > Aml90.  http://www.info-micro.com/engins/maquettes/panhard-aml90.htm
> > It is fast and had a big gun for so small a vehicle.
> >
> The Panhard AML90 is an excellent choice for an armored car, with plenty
> of room inside, a simple chassis and a mean look to it.  I especially
> like the position of the wheels, which are well forward and well back,
> which should help it go over obstacles. Armored cars are somewhat easier
> to build than tanks, although they each have their peculiar problems.
> And going with a fixed turret to start with is always a good idea,
> because it reduces some of the initial problems that you'll have to deal
> with.
> Regarding the "large scale 4x4 rc truck" that you plan on adapting, tell
> us a little more about that.   I've never seen an r/c truck that was as
> big as our vehicles, so I've never looked in that direction to help
> solve the drive train and, more importantly, steering problems.  But, if
> you know of something that can handle those issues, that would be great.
>    In fact, Will and I were just talking about the steering problem
> tonight, as he starts modifying one of the M3 Scout Cars that Lief
> suggested would be a good starting point.  If your r/c truck chassis
> could be 'Frankensteined' onto the M3 Scout body without too much
> hassle, then the time needed to get an armored car working could be
> significantly reduced.  Tell us more ....
> Re: Tennessee as the last line of defense:  Tri-Pact simulations
> indicate that there is only a 6% (+/-75%) chance of the Canadian Horde,
> oops, I mean Alliance, even reaching Tennessee.  At that point,
> according to the simulations, they would have already run out of any
> supplies brought along with them from Canada and would be forced to
> drink local beer, sending them into a deep depression.  Then, our ever
> increasing force in Florida would surge northward and cut through them
> like a hot knife through butter, driving them all the way back to their
> homeland.  (That specific scenario indicates that Ohio is totally
> devastated once when the Canadians move south and then again when they
> are pushed back north, but Tri-Pact High Command considers that an
> acceptable risk in order to save the whole country.)
> Nonetheless, a strong force in Tennessee should be developed as soon as
> possible, just in case the boys back in the simulation room didn't get
> their facts straight.
> Frank P.