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From: Frank Pittelli <frank-at-pittelli.com>
Subject: Re: Canadians
Date: Sat, 05 Oct 2002 00:08:49 -0400
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

Zachary Ginter wrote:
> I have been toying with the idea of
> adapting a large scale 4x4 rc truck into a South African Eland 90 armored
> car. Simple shape to recreate and by going this route the suspension would
> already be built. It most likely would not have traverse at first but a
> fixed turrent.  The Eland 90 was a license built copy of  the French Panhard
> Aml90.  http://www.info-micro.com/engins/maquettes/panhard-aml90.htm
> It is fast and had a big gun for so small a vehicle.

The Panhard AML90 is an excellent choice for an armored car, with plenty 
of room inside, a simple chassis and a mean look to it.  I especially 
like the position of the wheels, which are well forward and well back, 
which should help it go over obstacles. Armored cars are somewhat easier 
to build than tanks, although they each have their peculiar problems. 
And going with a fixed turret to start with is always a good idea, 
because it reduces some of the initial problems that you'll have to deal 

Regarding the "large scale 4x4 rc truck" that you plan on adapting, tell 
us a little more about that.   I've never seen an r/c truck that was as 
big as our vehicles, so I've never looked in that direction to help 
solve the drive train and, more importantly, steering problems.  But, if 
you know of something that can handle those issues, that would be great. 
   In fact, Will and I were just talking about the steering problem 
tonight, as he starts modifying one of the M3 Scout Cars that Lief 
suggested would be a good starting point.  If your r/c truck chassis 
could be 'Frankensteined' onto the M3 Scout body without too much 
hassle, then the time needed to get an armored car working could be 
significantly reduced.  Tell us more ....

Re: Tennessee as the last line of defense:  Tri-Pact simulations 
indicate that there is only a 6% (+/-75%) chance of the Canadian Horde, 
oops, I mean Alliance, even reaching Tennessee.  At that point, 
according to the simulations, they would have already run out of any 
supplies brought along with them from Canada and would be forced to 
drink local beer, sending them into a deep depression.  Then, our ever 
increasing force in Florida would surge northward and cut through them 
like a hot knife through butter, driving them all the way back to their 
homeland.  (That specific scenario indicates that Ohio is totally 
devastated once when the Canadians move south and then again when they 
are pushed back north, but Tri-Pact High Command considers that an 
acceptable risk in order to save the whole country.)

Nonetheless, a strong force in Tennessee should be developed as soon as 
possible, just in case the boys back in the simulation room didn't get 
their facts straight.

        Frank P.