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From: "Burdett, Steve" <Steve.burdett-at-pembrokeshire.gov.uk>
Subject: RE: Tank #T006 Designated
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 14:00:24 +0100
Reply-To: tanks-at-rctankcombat.com

A British company by the name of Armortek on 01327 704934 manufacture scale
R/C tanks, I believe their range includes the PanzerIV H/J, Panther A and
they have just announced the Tiger1 and they're all available at 1/6th
scale.  One major drawback - the cost.  The Tiger's being advertised as
1500 for the main Kit without motors, speed controllers, wiring etc.
Although for an extra 600 they can supply all of the above and a Beretta
pistol for firing 8mm blanks.

Their website is http://www.armortek.co.uk 

Steve B
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From: TSHIPP [mailto:TSHIPP-at-columbus.rr.com]
Sent: 02 October 2002 13:09
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Subject: Re: Tank #T006 Designated

T006 is a real work of art also.  I'd love to see a complete article
including sheets of plans for the model.  I'm looking to build one myself
out of light gage steel.


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From: "Frank Pittelli" <frank-at-pittelli.com>
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Sent: Sunday, September 22, 2002 11:52 AM
Subject: Tank #T006 Designated

> Mike Hornsey's 1/6 scale M1A2 Abrams has been officially designated as
> Tank #T006.  You can see photos of his steel masterpiece at:
> http://www.rctankcombat.com/order-of-battle/tanks/T006
> Assuming that his inner systems work as well as the outer hull looks,
> the M1A2 could be as dominant in R/C tank battles as the real-scale
> version was in Desert Storm!!!
> By the way, Mike, the Tri-Pact Office of Financial Incentives will be
> contacting you shortly about joining our Mid-Atlantic Treaty
> Organization (MATO) which has been recently established to defend
> against any aggressive actions taken by the Ohio R/C Militia, a known
> subversive organization.
> Frank Pittelli
> MATO Marketing Director
> Tri-Pact Alliance and Treaty Division