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R/C Tank Combat

The Ultimate Tactical Warfare Game

The R/C Tank Combat hobby is dedicated to the battling of radio-controlled large-scale models of tanks, armored cars and artillery. All combat is waged using standard, readily available paintball equipment, allowing realistic and safe tactical battles.

*** In The News ***
  • Zombie tanks roam the country-side waiting to be sent to their final resting place, but they can only be killed if four different assets hit them. See Zombie War for battle reports.

  • In a world gone mad, a routine debt collection activity turns into total chaos as The "Smith" Clan shows what it means to fight as a family. Seasoned corporate battlers go up against a new generation of battlers not driven buy money or ideology. See Bad Debt for battle reports.

  • The FOA Tiger debuts in battle and one rookie is introduced to one of the more subtle aspects of the hobby. See Man Down for battle reports.

  • A member of the British Royal family, Princess Susie, made a surprise visit to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in the U.S. to meet with pensioners and school children to discuss a wide range of issues. The meetings were held on September 28-29, 2013 at a undisclosed location for security reasons. The Pennsylvania Urban Fighting Force (PUFF) planned to disrupt the meetings and rescue teams were mobilized. See British Invasion for battle reports, photos and video.

  • Foreign and domestic aid pours into the U.K. R/C battling community, lifting membership ranks and spirits. In celebration, a small scale war with plenty of carnage was waged in a well-kept garden, pitting the "Bottom Garden Boom Band" against the "Patio Prancers". See Joie de vivre for battle reports, photos and video.

  • Three key personnel held in a POW camp deep inside enemy territory, guarded by heavy armored vehicles, a 16-inch naval gun and operators willing to take a lot of paint to keep them there. Coming to the rescue, specialists from Norris-Stallone Associates (NSA) who have all the intelligence and firepower they need to start World War III, if necessary. Will the POWs be rescued in time? See POW Rescue for battle reports and video.

  • With the 2011 Mid-Atlantic Fall Battle cancelled because of a freak Halloween snow storm and the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Fall Battle threatened by overcast skies (and lots of hype) preceeding Hurricane Sandy, any battles actually conducted would be considered a bonus by all of the attendees. As it turned out, not only were some good battles fought, but everyone had tons of fun playing some new scenarios. See Bonus Day for battle reports.

  • A swarm of tankers and cattle descended on a farm in Hampstead, Maryland to feast on a bumper crop of paintballs. The battlefield was mongst the most interesting ever used, with no less than three bridges across a creek running right down the middle of the battlefield and plenty of open and protected areas on both sides. For the first time ever a single-shot rocket launcher was used during the battle. See A Bridge Too Far for battle reports and photos.

  • Battling in a small backyard has some disadvantages, but that didn't stop some battle veterans and a first-time battler from having some fun during the summer of the London Olympics. See OlympIain for battle reports, photos and videos.

  • When the veterans of the R/C Tank Combat hobby have some rule changes to discuss the resulting negotiations are almost always a multi-colored event, with paint and proposals flying in all directions. Such was the case during a 2-day event held at the Gettysburg Conference Center which included four battles, four sit-down meals, a rules discussion and a knock-down, drag-out game of Risk. See Negotiations for battle reports, photos and video.

  • With governments around the world in tail-spins because of over-spending and mis-management it falls on the private sector to carry more of the responsibilities to safeguard society. So, when terrorist elements were holding hostages in a remote province of Pennsylvania (just over the Maryland border) it fell on the shoulders of two private contractors to come to the rescue. Save the hostages, wipe out the enemy, make some cash. God Bless America. See Private War for battle reports, photos and video.

  • A long time ago (circa 2011) in a galaxy far away (near Stoke on Trent) a small band of rebels met to overthrow the evil Empire and incidentally throw a whole load of paintballs at each other. See A No Hope for battle reports and photos.

  • War is hell, but it doesn't have to be disorganized. See R/C Tank Combat Official Rules for the small and concise set of rules that govern this fascinating hobby.

  • In theory, everything works, but not out on the battle field. See Order of Battle for a complete list of all vehicles and weapons used in the hobby, as well as the people who build and operate them.

  • Nothing is thrown away on the Web. See Past News for a complete list of all past news articles.

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